On Our Minds As Prisms

This week I wanted to do something a bit different and share with you a chapter from my new book True Nature. Enjoy!

Any Colour You Like

“All feelings derive and become alive, whether negative or positive, from the power of Thought.”

– Sydney Banks 

What I find incredibly comforting about learning these principles is that we start to see that anything that we’re experiencing, no matter how different it looks, no matter how isolating it feels, no matter how awful it sounds, is still just the same universal energy disguised in a temporary form. Elation and anxiety are the same thing in different costumes. Depression and bliss are both forms that this energy can take in our human system.

We’re so accustomed to noticing the details that we see the disguises for their differences rather than their similarities. Yet its essence is fundamentally the same. Regardless of how different we feel when we’re anxious, depressed or grateful, the system still operates the same way. Consciousness brings all thought to life, not just the ones we like or dislike.

Thought is always changing form, appearing and disappearing, and flowing through our system, whether we judge it as desirable or not. What Syd glimpsed in his moment of enlightenment was that all is one. The energy of mind is the great all-ness, the great oneness. At the same time, it is the great nothingness, the unknown. The yet to be created. It is everything and it is no thing. It is what allows any of us to change in an instant, once we see something new, we will literally be living in a different reality. It was a subjective made-up ‘reality’ all along, which is what allows it to get created and recreated in any moment.

Our minds are like prisms. Within the pure white light lies every colour of the rainbow. The colours are simply different wavelengths, energy vibrations at different frequencies. The nature of prisms is to refract light, splitting the pure light into a particular wavelength. Universal Mind is the pure white light running through every living thing.

As soon as this universal energy shows up in our system it gets fractionated into different wavelengths, colours of experience, that we then assign meaning to, label, judge, use as evidence, take seriously, believe or otherwise imbue with energy and attention. Sad feelings are like a bit of blue light getting refracted from the prism and brought to life through our consciousness. Then our minds refract a different bit of light, some red colour wavelengths that we recognize as fear. Then some green light comes through the prism and we feel calm.

Of course these colours, and their corresponding emotions, are simply a metaphor, but hopefully it gives a sense of how the same pure energy that powers the entire universe appears in different forms in different moments. It’s a never-ending dance. The form of thought gives us a temporary experience in the moment. Each moment is the result of an internally generated movie that we’ve innocently projected out through our eyeballs.

Thus, our lives look really beautiful, hopeful and magical one day and really scary, difficult and hopeless the next. This is why sometimes I hear of a bombing and freak out, become fearful for the state of the world and decide that I’m taking that country off my bucket list. Yet a week later I can hear of a similar bombing and feel no fear, only a deep sense of compassion for all those affected and wonder how different life would be if only most people understood how the human mind works. The bombings aren’t creating my experience, my thinking in the moment is.

If I hear the news when there’s blue wavelengths colouring my experience I’ll feel one way. If I hear the news while green wavelengths are colouring my experience I’ll feel differently. I can go from nervousness to excitement to fear to hope to calm without a single thing in my situation changing. Different thought is the only variable that needs to change for a different experience. It’s still the same pure white light flowing through me, I simply have an experience of whatever colour is shining through my consciousness in the moment. The possibility for any experience exists in any moment. It’s just a matter of seeing for ourselves that pure light can take many different forms, literally any colour we can imagine.

A computer is said to be able to display around seventeen million different colours when all the variations of tone, hue, and value are accounted for. Similarly, there are as many different experiences of the same event as there are people in the world. No two people will experience the same event in exactly the same way because they’ll never have exactly the same thinking about it in the moment. Their experience will be completely unique because it’s always and only a reflection of what form the energy of thought takes in that moment. This is what is behind people’s ability to handle extraordinarily difficult circumstances with ease and grace. And also why people can have a complete meltdown over one insignificant thing not going their way. One energy, infinite number of forms.

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