On New Year, New You

Ahhh good old New Years. New Year, New You. I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that all the hype, commitment and resolution of the beginning of January is not sustainable, practical or easy. It relies on willpower and motivation, both of which are exhaustible resources.

The good news is that we don’t need a specific day, event or even intention in order to experience change, to be renewed, or to have life feel different. Our ability to have a fresh start is not dependent on any of that.

Change and renewal is the default in nature. We are no exception. We live in a constant flow of thought, a constant flux of levels of consciousness, and consequently, an ever-changing reality.

Because our experience of life is not caused by our life circumstances, our weight, our bank balance, our friends, our partner, our job or our appearance, we can have a completely fresh experience of life without those things changing.

As soon as our thinking about those things is different, our experience of them is different. This is why we sometimes love/sometimes hate the same job, the same person, the same home, the same appearance, the same friends, the same weight, and the same bank balance.

At this point, people always ask, “Okay so if my experience is created through thought… how do I change my thinking?”

And again, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is we can’t, because thinking is not something we have control over or can manipulate at will.

The good news is fortunately we don’t have to, because the bigger intelligent energy powering the universe provides us with higher levels of consciousness, fresh helpful thought and a new perspective on the same situation automatically.

As in, there is nothing we need to do to make it happen. All we can ever really do is get in the way of this natural process.

It’s so incredibly helpful to know that renewal is built-in because without this understanding we humans tend to do a lot to make ourselves think, feel or act differently than we do.

A clear mind is a mind that isn’t cluttered with thoughts, ideas, concepts, worries, ruminations, analysis, plans, strategies, tools, techniques, or other superfluous constructs. Without those, the mind is naturally clear, wise, responsive and calm.

If we know that, and I mean like really deeply know that, then doing more thinking to make our minds more clear makes absolutely no sense.

It makes no sense to try to make change happen if we see that change is a natural effortless unfolding that we can only get in the way of.

It makes no sense to try to make ourselves feel something we don’t feel, think something we don’t believe or act in a way we feel is “better” for us because that’s only introducing more clutter into the default clarity.

It makes a lot more sense to hang out in the quiet, to be grateful that our reality is not stable or solid, to appreciate how simple things are when our minds are clear, to take managing our life off our to-do list and to allow something bigger to take care of it.

Change is the only constant in life. Change is reliable and automatic. So perhaps instead of doing more this year to become a “better you”, see if you can just relax, kick your feet up and let change happen naturally.

Let your natural bent towards thriving reveal itself. Let your mind self-correct to peace and bliss. Let your ideas about who you are and who you should be come and go. Let change happen effortlessly through you, it’s so much more effortless than you think.