On The Trick of Consciousness

Today’s post is an excerpt from my latest book True Nature Series: Anxiety. Enjoy!

The mind is the only experience-generator that human beings have access to. We have no direct access to the outside world. 

A sleeping person is not having an experience of their external environment, even when that environment is changing.

They’re either having no conscious experience whatsoever, or they’re having a conscious experience of their dreams, aka what is happening in their minds.

That’s the only way it can work. Asleep or awake, the system only works one way: inside-out.

If we don’t know that’s the only way it can work, we keep falling for the trick that we’re seeing the true reality of our lives such as they are, when really we’re seeing the film strip of whatever form the energy of thought is taking in that moment.

Consciousness, as a force, turns that film strip into an actual experience of reality, and we live in that illusory reality as though it is the actual, real, true, objective, independent reality of existence.

When in truth, that can’t ever be the case.

We can’t ever experience an actual, true, objective, independent reality of existence because humans simply aren’t wired up that way.

We’re only wired up to feel what’s on our minds, not what’s in our lives.

If we don’t know that, we think our lives, ourselves or other people is what’s getting better or worse moment by moment, day by day.

In truth, it’s only the workings of the creative energy of thought brought to life by consciousness that gets better or worse moment by moment, day by day.

These forces are so invisible and powerful that they trick us into thinking our lives suddenly got worse when really our thinking just took a temporary dip.

Momentary thinking is always creating our experience of reality, reality itself cannot create our experience of it.

If it could, all 7 billion of us would have identical experiences of the same events.

So to recap, the biggest trick of the mind is that consciousness as a force ensures that we are always experiencing what’s on our mind, yet it creates such a powerful compelling illusion that it seems like we’re experiencing reality/life/circumstances/other people directly.

It’s a really good, really compelling illusion, and one that all human beings are subject to because it’s the very blueprint of how we all operate.

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