Gaining a clearer, more accurate understanding of how the mind works is the missing link when it comes to living a life of joy, ease and peace of mind.

Everything we’re experiencing, whether it’s a troubled relationship, a habit of anxious or depressed thinking, a sense of disastisfaction, or a feeling of stuckness or difficulty in life, all originates in the mind.

Which is incredibly hopeful as the more accurately we see what’s going on the freer we get, without anything in the outside world needing to change.

I used to be chronically anxious with a list of unhealthy habits and a constant sense that I was a victim of life.

I had no idea where my experience of life was coming from or what I had going for me. I was caught up in the misunderstanding that people, events and circumstances were responsible for my bad feelings.

Not surprisingly, that misunderstanding had a huge impact on my day to day life.

When I gained an understanding of what was going on behind the scenes and saw how my mind was tricking me, my life changed dramatically.

True Nature Companion Course

I wrote True Nature: An Exploration of Being Human to share what I’ve seen to be immensely helpful and hopeful for all of us. It explores universal truths about the nature of the mind that allow us to live with much more grace and peace of mind.

And while the response has been overwhelmingly positive, a book can only go so far.

I wanted to go deeper, to explore things at length, to share what I’ve seen since writing it and to offer a series that is available to point you in the direction of your innate health wherever and whenever you need it.

True Nature companion course is a program of 22 short videos where we go deeper into the Principles behind life.

We’ll dive deeper into…

1. what we have going for us

2. how the future is an incomplete equation

3. the space within

4. letting life be simple

5. it’s all temporary

6. we can’t be disconnected

7. we don’t see things as they are

8. the fake news of the mind

9. we always do what makes sense

10. having a human experience

11. the built-in google

12. ‘dealing’ with life

13. taking life personally

14. everything coming from nothing

15. getting comfortable being uncomfortable

16. the trick of moods

17. it’s all about understanding

18. there are no exceptions

19. the default of self-correction

20. what are you looking for

21. clarity takes care of it

22. form and formlessness

23. Bonus Video: I wanted to include a 40-minute long Q&A video because I know from my work with clients that common questions tend to come up.

You’ll have lifetime access to the videos so you can rewatch them unlimited times, always hearing and seeing more of where I’m pointing you towards.

And as an extra special bonus, it’s really important to me that you feel supported in this exploration.

So you’ll have the chance to hop on a monthly group call with me and get coaching, get your questions answered and gain clarity into how the mind works. Our calls will be at the end of every month through to June 2019.

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Wellbeing Wake Up

I wanted to create something that focuses on what I’ve found to be the most important sustainable transformative agent: understanding.

This isn’t about doing. There are no exercises, no techniques, no tools, no strategies.

It’s simply a consistent point towards truth: what’s always universally true in how human beings experience life and what we are underneath that thinking: pure wellbeing.

Imagine discovering that you always already have what you’re looking for?

For me it was profoundly transformative and set a whole new foundation for life.

So I wanted to create something that points you towards what is already always available to you.

Not what you have to get to.

Not who you have to be.

Not what you have to do.

Just what is already true.

Right now.

For me, for you, for all of us.

I work primarily with clients struggling with difficult experiences such as anxiety, depression, stress and relationship issues, and while I love working 1:1 it’s not always feasible or desired by everyone.

So I tried my best to take all of what I point clients towards in 1:1 sessions and what I teach in group calls and distill it to its essence.

In order for someone to reconnect with their wellbeing what is absolutely essential that they understand about the mind? About thought? About consciousness?

If I couldn’t talk to someone in real-time but wanted to help them have a nicer, easier, more peaceful experience of life in which they’re reconnected with their innate wellbeing, what would I share with them?

That’s how this program came about.

It’s a 31 day course of daily audios (5-17 minutes each) that consistently point towards wellbeing and what appears to (but fortunately can’t actually) get in the way of that.

There is no one that doesn’t already have all the wellbeing they seek.

You are no exception, none of us are.

It’s simply that we have a little (or sometimes a lot) of misunderstanding in the way of feeling the truth of who we are.

That’s why there’s nothing to do, just something to understand.

I’m very excited about this new program as it’s something I wish I had years ago when I felt really disconnected from my wellbeing.

When I was struggling with chronic anxiety, panic attacks, stress, mild OCD, bad habits and comfort eating I had wellbeing within me the whole time and yet I hardly experienced it because I didn’t know what was true and what was illusion.

What could I really rely on? What was actually always available to me? And how could I stop feeling horrible all the time?

When I understood what I had going for me it changed my life.

I want the same for you.

I know whatever you’re struggling with that seems like it’s keeping you from wellbeing can look radically different with an accurate understanding.

I know sustainable lasting change is possible for you because you are no exception to how the human system works.

I know you can feel whole, well and peaceful even if you think you can’t or that something in your life needs to change first.

I know you are well, always have been and always will be.

Wellbeing Wake Up includes instant downloads to all 32 audios (31 days + introduction) in .mp3 format so you can listen whenever, wherever. They’re bundled in a .zip file for your convenience.

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I know sustainable lasting change is possible for everyone and I’m really grateful to be on this journey with you!

As always if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at