E1: welcome to Root & Rewild on this new moon in scorpio

Root & Rewild podcast art

Welcome lovelies to Root & Rewild, a fortnightly podcast exploring how to root more deeply into what truly matters as well as allowing Nature to rewild what no longer serves to support us in finding our way back to ourselves, each other and our beautiful Mama Earth in these strange times.

I believe our profound disconnection from ourselves as nature is a primary root cause for today’s many converging personal, interpersonal and planetary crises. 

Together we’ll explore how to reconnect with our unique mind-body wisdom, reorient our lives with the rhythms and cycles of a simpler time when we were in right relationship with our natural world, each other and our true nature as wise, creative, loving humans.

From doing less of what no longer serves to harnessing our creative power in self-sovereign ways that can also serve the collective good, if you’re feeling burnt out by the demands of modern life and you desire reconnecting with self-sovereign nature-based ecophilosophy and practices that help tend to your own body, heart, mind and spirit – you’re in the right place.

Listen in and enjoy, I’ll be back with you in two weeks, until then take radically good care of yourself and be well xx

Shannon Cooper (she/her) is an artist, author, ecophilosopher and certified cannabis educator who serves as a rewilding guide. Her work weaves the macrocosm with the microcosm exploring how many of our individual, interpersonal and planetary crises stem from a profound disconnection from the truth that we humans are nature. She holds a degree in Philosophy + Environmental Studies, has authored two books including True Nature: An Exploration of Being Human, and is the creator of the fortnightly ecophilsophy podcast Root & Rewild. Get on the list for her lunar love letters over at evergreeninsight.com