The Life Changing Magic

I rarely binge books anymore. I like to savour them like fine chocolate, enjoying bits and pieces here and there as treats.

But I heard a lot of talk about Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and once the book was delivered to my iPad my whole evening was consumed. I couldn’t stop reading because there was so much truth in what she was pointing to.

Yes, she’s talking about it in the context of our physical environment, our “stuff”, our surroundings, our belongings. But her mandate to only keep and cherish what “sparks joy” and discard the rest rang awfully familiar.

Although the wording is different, the essence she conveys by the feeling of joy is the deeper essence of our true nature.

It’s the default setting of peace and joy within us. It’s the rush of inspiration. It’s the feeling we have no words for but all we know is “yes. this.”

That feeling that she’s pointing to is the essence behind life. The energy of being alive. Love. Joy. Bliss.

I teach clients that the beautiful thing about our feelings is that they serve as a reliable guide for what we should discard and what it’s nice to “keep”.

Your mind’s telling you you suck, no one likes you, you’re a loser and you’ll die alone? Discard.

Your mind’s playing up scary “what if” scenarios, trying to convince you to control life and telling you to fear life? Discard.

Your mind’s telling you your partner doesn’t find you attractive, you need to buy nicer clothes and do fancy things to impress them? Discard.

Your mind’s telling you you suck at writing blog posts, criticizing your abilities and making you doubt your deepest desires? Discard.

You feel the rush of inspiration, the joy of the present moment, or the love that naturally exists within you? Keep. Cherish. Enjoy.

Can it be that simple?

I think what hooked me so deeply about the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (even though I have yet to put my house in order) is that I recognized the truth in it.

The truth that yes, it really can be that simple.