On Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

One of my favourite bands released a new album earlier this year titled Truth Is A Beautiful Thing.

Now aside from the album being absolutely stunning, there’s something about that statement that I just feel in my bones.

The beauty in discovering principles is that they are true by definition. They’re not just sometimes true. They’re not just true when we believe them. Or true when we want them to be, or true when it looks logical.

Principles are foundational truths about how something works. The principles I share in my work are the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought, the spiritual forces that underlie every thought, feeling, sensation, memory, decision, and experience we’ve ever had.

And as helpful as it is to learn about these principles, if it just looks like a good idea or a nice concept or a more comforting perspective, then the essence of what makes it so transformational and powerful, the fact that it is always true all of the time, is lost on us.

We are always having an experience of mind, consciousness and thought, nothing more, nothing less. What we see as reality will always be a product how these three principles are operating in us in any given moment.

There is not a single moment of our lives where we could be disconnected from the energy and intelligence of mind.

There is not a single moment of our lives that is brought to us by anything other than these three principles. The system simply doesn’t work that way.

And granted it’s also a truth that we’re not going to see this all the time, our level of consciousness is always shifting allowing us to see more or less about what’s universally true for all of us.

There’s just something incredibly helpful in seeing what’s going on behind the scenes. Knowing that when I get a new solution, have an insight, receive fresh helpful thinking, see life clearly, feel pure well-being despite my circumstances, have a completely transformed relationship with someone or something, or feel an undercurrent of peace in the midst of physical pain, it isn’t a fluke result that I lucked into.

It isn’t a random occurence of something going my way, it’s simply the system operating how the system is designed to operate. Fresh thinking arises. Levels of consciousness shift the reality we perceive. Peace of mind is the default.

Our experience of life always comes from the inside out; that’s how it works even when it doesn’t look like that’s how it works. Even when we don’t see that’s how it works; even when we don’t believe that’s how it works.

Truth is a beautiful thing.