Where Love Lives

Love is already here. Seriously.

It’s the very energy that’s already beating our hearts and breathing our lungs. It’s the deeper feeling of our true nature. It’s the space we all live in by nature.

And then we all innocently think our way out of it.

We think “but if someone loves you, they wouldn’t do *whatever thing you don’t like*”

We think “but they never said *whatever they were supposed to say* to me, and they used to!”

We think “things have changed and life shouldn’t be like this”

And then we wonder why we don’t feel the love. Where has the heck has the love gone and how do we get it back?

All that’s happened, in truth, is we’ve clouded the sky. We’ve put stuff in the space. In the wide open space of love our personal thinking comes in and takes centre stage.

And the trick is… it doesn’t look like thinking. Our expectations look valid. Our opinions look solid. Our preferences look respectable. Our thinking looks right. Our feeling looks justified.

So it doesn’t look like the meaningless static of personal thinking coming in stage left and clouding the sky of love.

It looks like life, other people, circumstances, situations happen, and love exits stage left.

But love never goes anywhere. It’s always here. Always present. Always waiting for the cloud of thought to flow through it so it can be felt again.

Can you start to see that your thinking is not as real and true as it appears?

Is it possible that maybe the judgements, preferences, ideas, beliefs that you hold so dear are really only temporary thoughts floating through our minds?

Because once that’s seen for what it is, we see where love lives.

Love lives here. Now. Always.