Evergreen: endless, enduring, timeless, eternal, everlasting…

Insight: understanding, wisdom, seeing…

Every single human being has innate well-being, wisdom and peace of mind. It’s our very nature; the default state we’re all born into. 

When we innocently get caught up in our thinking, we can lose sight of that.

There’s only ever one thing going on: we are the intelligence, creativity, love and peace of the entire universe, and we have a human experience that is always temporary, safe and varied.

It’s so human of us to misunderstand where our experience comes from. As much as it looks like it’s coming to us from the outside world, it’s truly only ever coming through us from the energy behind life.

The content of our thinking is as unlimited and arbitrary as our wildest imagination… yet the principles behind that experience are fundamental universal truths common to all.

Thankfully, everything we ever truly need is available to us.

The same way the sun is always radiating light and heat, even when we don’t see it or feel it, we are innately well, loving and wise despite what our minds tell us.

The more we understand the truth of our true nature, the more clearly we see everything and, consequently, the more we fall in love with ourselves, others, and our lives.

That’s what I’m here to spark. A deeper connection to your true nature, to the true nature of others, and to the true nature of life.

I write books, blogs, make videos, offer programs, facilitate group coaching and offer private coaching for individuals and couples.

Explore the site and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at shannon@evergreeninsight.com if you have any questions!

Sending you all the love we both are xx


The true nature of every human being is peace of mind, well-being and wisdom. There’s nothing we need to do to have that because we already are that, right here, right now. Whenever we’re not feeling at peace we’re simply caught up in thought masquerading as truth. True Nature is an exploration of being human: who we really are, how we create our experience of reality and why truly understanding that can lead to profound transformation.

Using nature metaphors to describe the psychological principles by which we all operate, this book is a reminder of what’s always true, even when we’re feeling scared, confused or hurt. It’s designed to wake us up to our true nature, spark insights into how we all operate and point out the kindness of the design. There is nothing to do, only something to see. You don’t need self-help or fixing. All you could ever need is a gentle reminder of what’s true: everything you want and need is within you, you have innate mental health and well-being, and there exists solid principles underlying these truths that when understood make all the difference. Welcome home.

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Prefer to listen instead? I recorded the True Nature Audiobook because I know how nice it can be to listen to books instead of reading them 🙂

I was recently interviewed by my friend and colleague Nicola Bird on the Little Peace of Mind podcast about True Nature, my personal journey with anxiety and how simply understanding makes all the difference. Listen here!

True Nature Series

I’m really happy to announce that I’ll be writing a series of shorter books that really dives into the practicality of this understanding and how this helps with topics we all commonly struggle with as human beings.

Book 1 is on Anxiety! It was a no-brainer to start with the thing I’ve had the most personal transformation around, simply from seeing how the mind works.

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Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day sweethearts… in the past Earth Day has always been a day where I try to “get out in nature”, allow myself to bask in gratitude, and treat it like an ecological thanksgiving. But this Earth Day, April 22nd 2019, I really realize that’s nowhere near enough. My love affair with nature began …

Giving Up

There’s a paradox I’m seeing more deeply lately, that brings with it an enormous feeling of relief: giving up is how I get what I’m looking for. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately hanging out and exploring the unknown. Asking the big questions. Getting quiet. Going inwards. The unknown is this gorgeous space …


I’m so delighted you’re here!

I’m Shannon Cooper, a transformative coach and author living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I share a simple understanding about our true nature that allows us to see and connect more with the love, well-being and wisdom that we are.

All of our relationships: with ourselves, with others, with our world, with our human experience, with our creativity – you name it – is a direct result of our level of understanding.

I didn’t always see this, I struggled for over a decade with anxiety, depression, and unhealthy habits. I tried dozens of things (techniques, tools, mindsets, approaches, therapy, exercises, etc) to cope, fix myself, and try to manage my experience.

Not only did it not work, it left me feeling exhausted, hopeless and overall worse for wear. I was trying everything and nothing was working.

I knew I had to be missing something.

Thankfully and serendipitously only months after I graduated university I stumbled across some fundamental universal truths that changed everything.

This inside-out understanding (the three principles) is the foundation of how I help people.

It’s at the core of what I share in the hope of freeing us from our collective misunderstanding about how life works, who we truly are and what’s possible.

I love sparking deeper connections. Connection to your true nature, to the true nature of others, and to the true nature of life itself.

My darling, it’s all one.

From a deeper understanding comes a deeper connection and from that deeper connection we naturally fall in love with everything: ourselves, others, and life itself.

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All my love and gratitude,