I’m so delighted you’re here!

I’m Shannon Cooper, a transformative coach and author living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I share a simple understanding about our true nature that allows us to see and connect more with the love, well-being and wisdom that we are.

All of our relationships: with ourselves, with others, with our world, with our human experience, with our creativity – you name it – is a direct result of our level of understanding.

I didn’t always see this, I struggled for over a decade with anxiety, depression, and unhealthy habits. I tried dozens of things (techniques, tools, mindsets, approaches, therapy, exercises, etc) to cope, fix myself, and try to manage my experience.

Not only did it not work, it left me feeling exhausted, hopeless and overall worse for wear. I was trying everything and nothing was working.

I knew I had to be missing something.

Thankfully and serendipitously only months after I graduated university I stumbled across some fundamental universal truths that changed everything.

This inside-out understanding (the three principles) is the foundation of how I help people.

It’s at the core of what I share in the hope of freeing us from our collective misunderstanding about how life works, who we truly are and what’s possible.

I love sparking deeper connections. Connection to your true nature, to the true nature of others, and to the true nature of life itself.

My darling, it’s all one.

From a deeper understanding comes a deeper connection and from that deeper connection we naturally fall in love with everything: ourselves, others, and life itself.

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