On Bathing in Wisdom

The longer I’m in this conversation about the true nature of human beings and how our experience gets created, the more I’m surprised.

Surprised by the simplicity. Surprised by the depth. Surprised by the fact that there are no exceptions.

But lately, surprised by the unpredictability. I have no idea what I’m going to see or when I’m going to see it. I like to think I know what’s coming down the line, but I’m being proven wrong time and time again.

To be honest, it’s really kind of nice. Yet surprisingly, I shouldn’t be surprised that my future predictions are inaccurate. It makes perfect sense that they would be.

The nature of this conversation about understanding the human experience is that we’re looking to something deeper, something more foundational.

We’re looking to our spiritual nature. We’re looking to universal wisdom. We’re looking to our innate health. We’re looking to what we all have going for us, all the time.

Looking in this direction is like soaking in the most magical hot springs: the hot springs of wisdom. It’s very warm but not too hot, with clear mineral-rich water tucked away in nature under a starry night sky. We can invite whoever we please to join us, or we can dip in alone.

We can relax in that place, bathing in the beautiful feelings, soaking in the warmth. It’s inherently healing and soothing.

Better yet, we don’t have to know what positive benefits we’ll get from soaking in the hot springs of wisdom.

Will I step out of the hot springs with my sore back feeling better? Maybe.

Will I step out of the hot springs with a new solution to an old problem? Possibly.

Will I step out of the hot springs with a lack of stressful thinking about a loved one? Perhaps.

With a new idea for a creation? With the inspiration of how to better serve an intention? With an easier time waking up early? With an effortless daily yoga practice? With a deeper friendship? With a better understanding of life?

Who knows?

What I do know is that soaking in the hot springs of wisdom does something for us. By its very nature, it takes care of us and brings us back to our deepest, truest self. I may not know what form it will take, but I know something always occurs.

Bathing in wisdom is the ultimate panacea.

To quote Michael Neill it’s 98% unpredictable despite being 100% reliable.

Will something new occur to me? Absolutely. Will something that doesn’t yet exist get created through me? Of course.┬áDo I know what those will be? Not a clue.

Surprisingly, that’s all I need to know.