On The Warmth of Love

What do tenderness, compassion, intimacy, warmth, affinity, connection and bliss all have in common?

They’re simply descriptions of our true nature. That deeper place that exists universally in all of us is made of love.

As a space of love it comes through as a beautiful feeling because it is a beautiful feeling.

It’s a deeper essence underneath all the temporary dancing of our personal thinking.

It’s a solid place beneath the transient ideas we have of ourselves and others.

Sometimes it will come in the form of self-forgiveness: a deep sense that we knew we were doing the best we could in that moment and that’s perfectly okay.

Sometimes it’s seeing the innocence in someone’s action on tv: that they’re so clearly acting out of insecurity and are trying their best to feel better, no matter how misguided their actions.

Sometimes it looks like two lovers that can’t take their eyes off each other because they’re drinking in each other’s beauty.

Sometimes it’s that cozy feeling you fall into when laughing with your best friend.

Sometimes it’s the heart-bursting bliss you feel when you hug your furry friend.

Sometimes it’s standing at a hockey game and feeling the sense of oneness in the crowd.

Sometimes it’s a quick smile between two strangers on a snowy street.

A look, a touch, a feeling, a moment.

We drop beneath the noise of our personal thinking and we touch something more fundamental.

We move away from the fuzzy distortion of our ideas about life and fall into the signal that’s always present.

We wake up from the nightmare and find ourselves just sitting in a beautiful feeling with no effort whatsoever.

The default state we share reveals itself and we feel it instantly, deeply, profoundly.

We just find ourselves in the warmth of love. Welcome home.